4 Useful Skills to Learn Online

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Years ago, in order to learn a new skill, you had to track someone down who could teach you or hope that the library had a decent book on the matter. Even if you could track down someone to give your one-on-one lessons or a book that could teach you, your selection was thin, especially if you wanted to learn something more obscure.

Today though, you can simply search online for anything and have options at your fingertips to teach you anything you might want to know. Of course, this brings a new problem to light – too many choices. But, not all skills are made equal, and some are more profitable and beneficial than others. If you’re itching to try to learn a new skill online, try some of these tips from Goldfish2Care4.com.

Learn to Play an Instrument

The Music Arts Center of San Antonio explains that learning to play an instrument can have a huge impact on your well-being. Musical training can help improve your brain structure and long-term memory. Those who play instruments tend to be more mentally alert and able to recognize and solve problems faster. This can decrease the effects of aging since our minds usually get duller with age. Music is amazing at stimulating the brain. When you are playing it yourself, you give your brain a full workout that improves its function today and keeps it functioning well tomorrow. Playing music with others is also a wonderful way to socialize.

Of course, there are a lot of instruments to choose from. Though traditional instruments like the piano and violin might come to mind, you might also want to consider instruments such as tubas, cellos or flutes. These are commonly overlooked instruments, but can be a great choice. It is pretty easy to find only classes for these instruments as well.

Learn to Care for Goldfish

There are many health benefits of taking care of goldfish. Not only does it reduce your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, you also get better sleep and have less anxiety. Because of the calming aspects of watching goldfish thrive in their own environment, more serious conditions like Alzheimer’s and depression can be mitigated. Go online to take Goldfish2Care4.com’s 10- part Goldfish Care Minicourse, then visit your local pet store and let the fun begin!

Get Schooled Up in Coding and IT

Coding is an invaluable skill in our modern world. Without coding, the Internet and all the websites that make it up simply wouldn’t exist. If you want to make anything on the Internet or even design a simple app, you have to know how to code. Coding Dojo notes that there are many different coding languages, with each having its own specialty and function. Coding might seem confusing at first, but it gets a lot easier once you get the basics down. After that, you can run with it and design all sorts of cool things. Not surprisingly, one of the best places to learn to code is on the Internet. You can now learn coding for free on many websites from Code Academy to Hack This Site.

If you’re tech savvy enough to code, and you’ve considered pursuing a degree in information technology, now’s the time to do so. Information technology is one of today’s fastest growing career fields and is expected to offer more than 530,000 new jobs through 2029, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Going back to school and earning an online degree in information technology allows you to learn about IT management, data analytics, or cybersecurity. Some programs also offer specialized degrees such as cloud computing, as well as “combo” or cross- discipline degrees.

Learn a Second Language

The benefits of learning a second language are extensive. Learning a foreign language improves your mental capacity, prevents Alzheimer’s and dementia and improves your ability to multitask. There are free resources available to finally help you grasp that second language. There is really no excuse not to learn another language.

Learning a skill is easier than ever thanks to opportunities online. Get started using the tips above!

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