Keeping Goldfish - Useful Tips To Get You Started

Imagine goldfish are the guests in your home. How do you take care of your guest? You make sure the room where they are staying is clean, enough fresh air and they eat well. In one word, you make your guests feel like home, comfortable. Keeping goldfish requires daily attention and having a weekly schedule to follow. If you're lazy like me, keep in mind that once you start caring for goldfish, you will become active and really enjoy what you are doing.

Caring for goldfish is like keeping a guest comfortable in your home. Because they live in a limited space, their home needs to be cleaned up, has sufficient oxygen, enough room to move about and engage in a healthy behavior.

You also need to feed your goldfish. How you go about feeding goldfish is what keeps them healthy, happy and long living.

Goldfish are probably the most recognized fish by the general public, but even among aquarists there exists a great lack of understanding of this beautiful fish.

Properly cared for, goldfish are large, long-lived, magnificent animals.

If you are contemplating buying your first goldfish, the information you need to make wise choices and succeed in keeping your new pet thriving, is to be found on this website.

Why Do You Want A Goldfish?

Since you are reading this article, you probably have some interest in obtaining at least one goldfish. The information here will help you decide whether you really will enjoy keeping goldfish. If you decide to join the ranks of goldfish fanciers worldwide, you will be joining a venerable group, as the keeping of goldfish started many centuries ago.

Goldfish keeping requires setting up an aquarium. Just say NO to bowls! Goldfish should not be kept in bowls. Why? Goldfish would have too little oxygen and would spend much time gasping at the surface. A healthy goldfish spends little time gasping.

What you'll need to start keeping goldfish:

  • aquarium
  • aquarium stand
  • substrate
  • water-changing equipment
  • dechlorinator
  • ornaments
  • tank cover
  • lighting
  • temperature control
  • filtration
  • test kits
  • food

Goldfish produce a lot of waste materials and they also grow fast. You can wake up in one morning and notice your goldfish has grown overnight.

Even a small goldfish needs at least 10 gallons(38 liters) of water. Later you will want to upgrade your aquarium size for your goldfish to thrive. A small tank will simply compromise your goldfish's health.

Before you buy goldfish, your aquarium needs to be properly set up and cycled. This means ammonia levels need to indicate zero.

The core of keeping goldfish is the aquarium maintenance. This means doing water changes, cleaning the gravel and maintaining a constant water temperature.

To keep your goldfish as healthy as they can be, you want to provide them a varied diet. If You're thinking goldfish can rely only on pellets or goldfish flakes, you are making a mistake many goldfish keepers do.

My goldfish have a varied diet. I feed them peas, carrot, rice, cucumber, tomato, spinach, grape, orange and other common household foods. My ocasional treats include daphnia, blood worms, and brine shrimp. To not overfeed your goldfish, feed them once a day, for 2 minutes. This will keep them healthy, not become constipated and floating upside-down on the surface like a boating buoy.

As an end of this article it is important to note that goldfish varieties you keep together in your tank can make you problems. Slower goldfish like the Black Moor can't wobble their way to the food as fast as a Comet. As a rule of thumb, keep your goldfish in the same aquarium only if they are similar in size, type and speed.

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