Panda Moor Goldfish - Tips and Characteristics

Quick Statistics - Panda Moor
Country of Origin: China
Family: Cyprinidae
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Freshwater fish
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Type: Twin Tail
Diet: Omnivore
Food: Pellets, flakes, live food, veggies and fruit
Adult Size: 6-7" (inches)
Lifespan: 10-15 years or more
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Friendly and social

Obviously the Panda Moor belongs to the Moor family, has protruding eyes like its cousin the Black Moor and its available only in a black and white coloration similar to the Panda bears.

It's one of the relatively new breeds of twin-tailed goldfish, but it's not hard to find them. Panda Moor has a rounded or egg-shaped body, enhanced by the large protruding eyes on the sides of its head.

Just like their cousins, the Panda Moor is designed for aquariums, even if it's considered to be quite a hardy goldfish. The Panda Moor is a wonderful, fun and friendly fish. They can reach about 4-8 inches in length and the average lifespan is 10-15 years if kept in well maintained goldfish aquariums.

Goldfish eat almost everything you feed them from flake, frozen or fresh foods.

You also need to know...

Poor vision, slow swimming and not too competitive for food, makes the Panda Moor one of the goldfish recommended for more experienced aquarists. Its fragile eyes are subject to injury or infection.

It's recommended to remove any sharp objects, decorations or scratchy fake plants that can danger the sensible eyes of the Panda Moor.

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Mixing Panda Moors along with Black Moor, Ryukin, Fantails, Oranda or Bubble Eye goldfish is the best option. They are slow swimmers, non-competitive at feeding and very friendly, making them the perfect tank mates.

Do not mix with other fast swimmers like Common, Comet or Shubunking if you don't want your Panda fish to become stressed and starve. If they made custom medals for races of goldfish the Panda Moor would probably never win one. Leave the medals to the fastest goldfish breeds and keep them away from your Panda Moors.

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