Goldfish Types Introduction and Detailed Characteristics For Types Of Goldfish

You're probably wondering how many types of goldfish really exist. You're probably thinking no more than a handful, right? By the time you finish reading this page, you'll have learned a lot more about goldfish types than you imagined when clicking on the link you found. So how many goldfish types or species are out there?

Let me tell you something. Before I started taking care of goldfish, I knew that only one type of goldfish existed, the Common. I remember visiting my friend one day and was amazed to find out that the colorful, gentle fish he was keeping in his aquarium were goldfish. They all looked a lot different from the simple common I knew. They had beautiful long fins, curved spine, two tail fins and some of them had their eyes popping out of their head.

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying "How much different can they be?".

Keep in mind, there are no other species of animals that had been modified so many times. Some goldfish varieties are so strange, and yet so graceful. It's pretty wild to think they belong to the same fish family that we remember winning as a prize at a fair. Goldfish are also one of the oldest domesticated forms of animals, and trough centuries their popularity has ever increased.

When you think about goldfish types, it's more useful to think in terms of "single-tail" and "twin-tail" varieties. The main difference between the two is that "twin-tails" were selectively bred to have two tails. Those look beautiful, but are much slower and less aerodynamic than their single-tailed counterparts. So you have to be careful when mixing single and twin tails.

Earlier on, I asked you how many goldfish types or varieties do you think exist. Now finally you are about to find out there are at least eighteen goldfish types. Most of them are twin-tails and all are very beautiful and graceful fish.

Below is a list of goldfish varieties, single and twin tails. Please click on each variety or image to find out more details about each one. I'm sure you'll be fascinated and excited when you find the perfect breed for yourself.

Since you're still here, I'm going to assume you want to buy at least a pair of goldfish. I want you to think about the word overcrowding. What does it mean to you and imagine fish in an aquarium. First of all you need to learn more about mixing goldfish varieties, before you buy them and run into problems.

Single-Tail Goldfish Varieties

Twin-Tail Goldfish Varieties

How to Mix Goldfish

When combining the wrong goldfish types in the same aquarium, a handful of problems can result. Goldfish stress, bullying, starving fish, diseases are very common when having the wrong mix.

Some goldfish are faster than others so they get to the food quickly. For example, if your Black Moor is consistently being knocked out of the way by a Comet and cannot get enough food, they become stressed.

When the mating ritual of the goldfish starts and the male begins to chase the female, if the female is far slower and with bad eyesight, it can become quite distressing. You will always have to monitor them and make sure they don't get hurt.

Do you want to imagine yourself being worried about your fish or simply enjoy their gentle and playful nature?

As a rule of thumb, only keep goldfish in the same aquarium if they are similar type (single or double tailed), size and speed.

Goldfish Overcrowding

Just a few seconds ago, I asked you to think about overcrowding and about an aquarium. Do you remember a time when you were in an overcrowded place and you wanted to get out quickly? Now imagine your goldfish in a man-made artificially-contained space (an aquarium). They swim in a limited amount of water.

You must know that pet shops retail different goldfish types fast. This is the secret why they can keep a large number of them together. These aquariums are cleaned daily to remove uneaten food and poo.

So why is overcrowding such a hazard for your goldfish? Let me give you some reasons why:

  • the waste products reduce the amount of available oxygen and cause ammonia to build up. Goldfish are dirty fish
  • less oxygen means goldfish begin to gulp at the surface or start to develop host of common goldfish sickness problems. They begin to suffer from oxygen starvation
  • without enough room to move, breathe or play, the fish begin to suffocate
  • eventually the combination of stress, diseases and oxygen starvation leads to death

My rule of thumb: a 25 gallon(95-liter) tank for maximum 2 small goldfish. They grow-fast! The larger the aquarium, the better. You can never have an aquarium that is too big. If you give them enough room to move about expect them to be happy. It gives them the chance to engage in a normal range of healthy behaviors.

Now you feel calm, knowing that your goldfish will thrive.

Love to you,

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