Why Is My Goldfish Turning Black?

Goldfish are wonderful pets that can withstand or recover quickly from different conditions. However, there are necessary resources that are needed for you to be able to keep them.

Although there are many challenges, you will encounter when dealing with them. The changes associated with them are very many—for example, color changes, and many more.

You should know to these color changes since they will be of great help to you. Once you know how to handle the goldfish, they will live longer if proper care is maintained.

Is It Okay for Goldfish to Change their Color?

It is a usual for goldfish to change their color. This results from various factors which include;

  • Change in the environment

    When you take goldfish to a new place they are not familiar with, they will experience some changes. This can be a change in the environment or water tank. It will affect the fish if used to the one directly heated by the sun.

    Secondly, the goldfish may also be affected by background color change. This is especially if it was used to the light-colored background and was switched to a dark-colored background.

  • Sickness

    Normally when a person is not feeling well, you will see some changes. The same goes for the goldfish. You can easily note when something is wrong with your goldfish because you will see some changes.

    The way it will be swimming will not be like when it is ill. This is because it will not be able to swim around the tank going up and down.

    The fish might not eat as they did before because of some problems. Sometimes the fish will be able to eat well but end up vomiting.

Why Is My Goldfish Turning Black?

Your goldfish can turn black as a result of several things. Some of these factors include:

  1. Chemical burns from ammonia

    Who would have known that ammonia gas produced by the fish can harm them? This ammonia is hazardous since it can burn the entire fish body.

    When the waste is not removed for some time, the level of ammonia will rise. This will put the goldfish to be more at risk.

    The only way to stop your goldfish from turning black ensure you proper check to remove the waste from the water tank. This is a great way to get rid of toxins in the water and it ensures your fish do not die.

  2. Overfeeding issues

    Normally the fish feed on the food kept inside the water, and if there is waste food, they will end up feeding on the same food. This leftover food may not be clean due to exposure to ammonia that may endanger their life. This will be a sign of danger or ill health.

    This can be avoided when you will be cleaning the water tank to remove unwanted waste, which will bring discomfort to the goldfish available in the fish tank.

  3. Amount of light

    A fish kept in an aquarium exposed to sunlight will have a brighter color than the one in a dark-colored background. This is because the goldfish kept in the dark area background loses its light color. The goldfish will turn to black if it is placed in a dark background because he will be producing more color than before. Ensure you decorate the goldfish background with a light color to stop it from changing to black.

  4. Genetics

    Sometimes you will be experiencing a color change in your goldfish, yet there are proper care and maintenance. It doesn’t primarily mean what you are doing is inappropriate or mishandling the fish. This will be a result of genetic reasons.

    It is normal for them to change after some time or period. Some will change after reaching a certain age due to maturity while some at an old age.

    However, some changes may be associated with their background. That is the color of their parents that they never had when born. This way, it will have to change its color to one of its parents.

  5. Poor water quality

    Goldfish will be able to change to color black if the aquarium they live in is of poor quality. This will be a result of many wastes left for long hence discoloring the water. It puts the goldfish in a poor environment since they will not breed easily nor perform their activities as usual.

    This poor quality water will make the goldfish color change, which will result in poor health.

    This problem can be overcome by ensuring you have a measuring kit for ammonia and the kit for measuring PH to check the water. This is critical to help you determine the water quality for your goldfish.

  6. Stress

    When a fish is taken to a new place, it will not be comfortable in that place, being that it is new. For instance, where you have two fish competing over the food is much easier than competing with three or more goldfish over food.

    The goldfish will be having stress on how to cope in that environment since he is new there. The fish will be struggling to have food. It will be able to change its original color until he gets used to it.

Final Words

Having learned why goldfish turns black, you will be able to take the measures seriously for you to prolong the life of your goldfish in the long run.

You need to know that these changes are normal, and you do not need to stress yourself over them. Just ensure that you properly check on the water to remove the waste that will be hazardous to them.

You also need to know some changes are genetic that you will not be able to solve. Having all that information with ease your work.