Friends for Your Goldfish - Best Fish to Pair in a Tank with Goldfish

In a big tank with a lot of space to swim around, goldfish can live up to twenty-five years. That's a lot of time to spend in a tank alone. Even though your goldfish probably enjoys their space to play and explore, they are also very sociable and love other fish friends. Because you love your goldfish so much and want to see them thrive, it is important to take time in figuring out proper companions and purchasing healthy fish from a reputable retailer when looking for a tank mate.

Ask Yourself What You Want

Are you merely looking for a tank mate because you want your goldfish to have a buddy to swim around with? Or, are you looking to create a unique aquarium with a lot of beautifully colored fish? Before shopping around for your fish's next best friend, ask yourself what your goals are in order to narrow down your search. Figure out how many fish you want and how many you are capable of caring for. Take into consideration the size and style of your tank and the amount of time you will need to devote in caring for these fish properly. Goldfish produce a lot of waste and require a 55-gallon tank for just two fish. Once you take these issues into consideration and you have an idea of the type of fish you want, you can begin asking yourself if they will be compatible with your goldfish.

What Fish Are Compatible with Goldfish?

Approach this issue by looking at the needs of your goldfish first. They require a steady water temperature of 65 to 75 degrees and plenty of space to swim around. Bigger fish could crowd their space and cause them anxiety while they might be prone to nibbling on fish any smaller than two inches. It is best to avoid other species of goldfish in the same tank, but feeder fish, apple snails, cherry shrimps, white cloud mountain minnows, weather loaches and zebra danios all make great companions for goldfish. If you are going to go with one of these fish, or really any other fish for that matter, it is important to check the health of the new fish before adding it to your goldfish's tank and possibly search for a new tank in the meantime to accommodate any new friends. According to Breedsy, a tank thermometer is also a great investment for these types of fish.

Tank Mates & Best Buddies for Life

Goldfish are pretty easy-going and compatible fish as long as they are having their needs met. As long as you ensure you are providing them with the space they need, a clean tank to swim around in, and taking their personality into consideration, you can easily get tank mates for your goldfish and watch them enjoy the companionship for a long time to come.

Image credits to: zhengtao tang