Lice Disease

What causes Lice?

Fish Lice or Argulus is one of the most developed and if left unnoticed can be very detrimental to the goldfish's health, feeding on its flesh. They usually reach up to 0.2in (5mm) in diameter and you can see them quite well without using a microscope. Don't mistake them with algae or dirt.

They can cause extreme irritation as its hooks can get into the goldfish's gills and skin. They will look like grey-green or brownish slightly raised spots on the fish. You can also see the louses eye spots if you look more closely.

Usual causes for fish lice are new un-quarantined fish or plants added to your aquarium.

What are the symptoms?

Along with the Anchor Worm, lice is the largest fish parasite, obvious to the naked eye. You can even see them moving around the fish in protected areas such as behind the fins, near the eyes or gills.

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The goldfish becomes stressed and will itch itself against the tank sides or objects.

How to cure Lice?

The best way of removing Lice is by holding the goldfish in a damp cloth, using tweezers to remove any visible lice, taut the red spots using neospirin. The main problem is that lice will lay eggs that will hatch and the newly born live will be searching for a host. You need to treat the whole tank. The tank should be treated with Dimilin(if not using salt cure).

The irritation can cause secondary parasite attacks like Ich or Costia.

How to prevent Lice?

The best way to prevent fish lice is to quarantine any new fish or plants you might want to add, for at least 2 weeks. Otherwise ask the fish owner or dealer if the fish has/have been treated for parasites. Also make sure there are no sick fish in the aquarium where you buy your goldfish.

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Do not use extra medicine or combine these treatments one after another!

Recommended Medicine

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