Flukes Disease

What causes Flukes?

Skin and gill Flukes are small white worm-like parasites. They are 1-2mm long and very difficult to spot without a microscope. Unlike many other goldfish diseases, Flukes can enter your tank by introducing another fish or plant. These can carry the eggs or the parasite itself.

If left untreated, flukes will kill your goldfish by destroying its gills. If one of your goldfish is infected with this parasite it's a high chance the entire tank may house future generations of Flukes.

What are the symptoms of Flukes?

Common symptoms include fish scratching against everything, tiny red spots or yellow dusting, changes in slime coat, clamped fins or sore and ulcers(from scratching). Do not mistake with Ich/Ick.

Gill fluke symptoms are gasping at the surface, irritated gills and sloppy looking gills. Click image to enlarge.

How to cure Flukes?

A standard salt treatment could take care of the patogen, but not the fluke. Remember we are talking about 1-2 or 3 future generations of flukes. Follow this treatment carefully.

Praziquatel(Sources: Pet Mountain, PondRx, Drs Foster and Smith). Vacuum well. Use slightly rounded teaspoon per 20 gallons. Follow this schedule when treating flukes with Prazi:

  • Day 1 - remove carbon, perform 30% water change with vacuuming and add Prazi to the tank
  • Day 2 - add Prazi
  • Day 3 to 5 - do nothing
  • Day 6 and 7 - add Prazi
  • Day 8 - normal water change with vacuuming
  • Day 14 - normal water change, then add Prazi
  • Day 21 - normal water change, then add Prazi
  • Day 28 - normal water change, then add Prazi
  • Day 35 - normal water change, add carbon, treatment is complete!

Other treatments are also quite as good. You can use one of these: PP(Potassium Permanganate), Fluketabs, QuickCure, Formalin, Health Guard, Dromcit.

A repeated treatment is also needed. Egg and larvae are still living in your tank even if you have taken care of its mother. The 2nd treatment should occur 4 days after the 1st, and the 3rd - 4 days after the 2nd. Do not overdose your tank with these treatments. Also read instructions carefully.

How to prevent Flukes?

To avoid getting Flukes, you need to quarantine any new fish or plants. Quarantine period should be at least 4 weeks. Ask the dealer if the fish they are selling have been quarantined. However, it's best not to add any new goldfish once you have a well established and healthy community.

Do not use extra medicine or combine these treatments one after another!

Recommended Medicine

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