Costia Disease

What causes Costia?

Like most common goldfish diseases, Costia is caused by a parasite, a microscope protozoan flagellate. Costia can be a fast killer as the parasite attaches to the fishes gills.

What are the symptoms?

Image of Costia under microscope. Click image to enlarge.
  • Slimy patches around the head and the gills
  • Small hemorrhages under chin
  • Awkward swimming
  • Sudden death
  • Gasping at the surface of the water

How to cure Costia?

Raising the water temperature and/or salt dips you can prove effective against this goldfish illness. The best medication is QuickCure or Proform C.

Change 40% of the water when treating for parasites. Don't forget to use de-chlorinator.

How to prevent Costia?

Quarantining and treat any new goldfish or plants is the key to preventing infestation of any parasite.

Good Luck!
Do not use extra medicine or combine these treatments one after another!

Recommended Medicine

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