Clowdy Eye

What causes Clowdy Eye?

There are numerous reasons why goldfish get clowdy eye. It can be poor water quality or various fish illnesses. A diet lacking vitamins and minerals can also cause the clowdy eye. Be aware that one or both eyes can be affected.

Other causes of clowdy fish eyes are:

  • eye flukes
  • eye damage
  • Ich
  • Velvet
  • bacterial infection
  • fish tuberculosis

What are the symptoms?

The entire surface of the eye has a clowdy opaqueness or just the lens.

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How to cure Clowdy Eye?

Test and improve the water quality in your aquarium. Also feed your fish healthy and fresh food that is high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Goldfish love fruits and veggies.

You must have your pH levels near 7 and zero ammonia and nitrites. Do a 40% water change. Remember to treat the water you will add.

You can apply a salt treatment that involves dissolving 1 teaspoon of salt(table salt or sea salt) per 10 gallons of water.

Continue partial water changes of 20% until you feel the situation is under control. Follow up with a 1 minute daily salt bath until fish has improved.

How to prevent Clowdy Eye?

Feeding your goldfish food that is rich in vitamins and doubled with maintaining a high water quality keeps your goldfish away from diseases. Best wishes!

Do not overfeed your goldfish!

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