Buy Goldfish That Make You Happy

You have no idea that buying healthy goldfish will save you tons of time and big problems down the line. It's time to learn how to buy goldfish!

Do you remember the last time you bought something that was broken and you had to take it back? You can multiply that 10 times and you will know how it feels to loose a pet.

Before you do go and buy goldfish, you need to have your aquarium set up and properly cycled. You don't have to do it all in one day or the fish will suffer or even die. Your aquarium needs to be set up and working perfectly before it can support life.

If you add your goldfish too soon, the chemical reactions in the water will hurt your goldies. Be sure to check out how to buy and how to set up an aquarium properly if you're serious about goldfish.

OK, So What Are Your Choices?

Have you ever seen someone win a goldfish or two at a fairground? Never buy your goldfish from there! I am serious. You don't know where they come from, how healthy they are or stressed out.

Take your time when going out to buy goldfish. Don't hurry, choosing your favorite healthy goldfish may take some time.

Sure, there are cases when someone buys or wins a goldfish at a fair and gets to save and own that goldfish for years to come.

You probably already know that fish can be sold trough online websites. Use this as your last option and choose the very best Internet retailers. These carefully pack and ship their fish by courier and offer a 'live delivery' guarantee.

It is quite obvious your best option are local pet stores and aquarium pet shops. Not all pet shops are the same. Each store, whether a large chain or small independent one, will tend to be a reflection of the people who work there. Many staff are passionate and knowledgeable about fish. Some are not.

A local goldfish breeder is an excellent source of healthy, happy and colorful fish. It's not that easy to locate them if you're just starting out. Please buy goldfish from a source you trust!

You know what I mean, don't you?

Just imagine for a moment that you are going out to buy some goldfish. You find a pet store and you are about to enter. As you enter the shop, you need to pay attention and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the store clean or dirty?
  • Are there any chemical smells? (Yes, fish are sensitive to chemical sprays)
  • Are staff knowledgeable about the fish and available to answer questions?
  • Is there loud music playing? (Fish get stressed from loud noise)
  • Do fish look clean and healthy?
  • Is the water clear?
  • Are the tanks clean or overgrown with algae?
  • Are tanks overcrowded or can fish move freely?
  • Are fish swimming comfortably in smooth?
  • Are there blemishes or marks on their scales?

If the selection of fish is healthy and the general environment looks good, then you can feel confident purchasing your fish from there. If in doubt, ask about cleaning and feeding routines, and take time to observe aquatic varieties on display.

Which Are The Best Goldfish For Beginners?

In a nutshell, the best fish to start out are the more hardy common goldfish or single-tail varieties.

There are other very beautiful twin-tailed varieties like Oranda, Black Moor or Fantail, but these require much more looking after and are more prone to sickness than single-tail varieties. The mistake most beginners do is to mix single-tail with twin-tail in the same tank. Twin-tails are much slower, have a bad vision so they get bumped into and get stressed out.

Hurrah! You have Goldfish!

Yes! Now you have goldfish, but you need to get them home and safely into the aquarium:

  1. Have a sensible pre-planned way to get home
  2. Return immediately from the shop to home. The plastic bag has limited oxygen
  3. Ensure that the plastic bag is not in direct sunlight. A large cardboard box will be very useful as fish have no eye-lids and can get stressed out
  4. When you get home open the bag and allow some oxygen to enter
  5. Gently place the bag into the water and let it float for 10-15 minutes so that the fish can adjust to the temperature of the tank
  6. Release the fish into the aquarium
  7. Give the goldfish some time to settle, turn the lights off and don't make loud noise. After 2 hours you can give them a tiny amount of food

Love to you,

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