Bird-watching and Eco-friendly Home Hobbies

Bird-watching is just one of the many home hobbies people of all ages can enjoy. Many hobbies you might pursue, such as bird-watching, can also be eco-friendly to minimize harm to the environment. Striving to keep the natural environment unchanged after visiting a park or a natural area is one way to practice eco-friendly bird-watching. But even some home improvement and home repair projects can incorporate environmentally friendly practices.


Bird-watching is a hobby that you can pursue at home and away from home. If you want to watch birds from home, you will need to attract birds to your yard. Attracting birds involves creating a protected and appealing environment for them. You can do this by providing shelter for them with trees and shrubbery. Birds also look for places where they can find food and water, so add bird feeders and a bird bath to your yard. Some people like to offer bird houses for birds to build nests in. If you set out bird houses, make sure the houses appeal to the types of birds in your yard. The hole size in the house must match the birds' sizes. Some birds like to have a perch on a bird house, while others don't need a perch. For example, if you are trying to attract wrens or chickadees to a bird house, offer a house with a perch.

Another component of successful bird-watching is the equipment you use to view the wildlife. Binoculars are basic equipment that virtually every bird-watcher uses to get a closer view of the birds. Binoculars come in many different styles at a variety of price points. Choosing binoculars will be an individual process based on your budget and the features desired. Look for a pair of binoculars with fast focus and a wide field of view to enable you to find birds and watch their flight easily.

Green Homes

A green home is a house that has been designed and built to be environmentally friendly. This means that the house will use resources such as water and energy efficiently to minimize the negative impact on the environment. The house will also be constructed using building materials that are produced efficiently with less waste. Furnishing a green home is generally done with a focus on sustainable materials, and owners usually choose appliances that are cost-effective and energy-efficient. Solar and wind energy are often used to power some components of green homes.

Eco-Friendly Education

Learning about bird-watching or other environmentally friendly home hobbies will help you enjoy them more. A number of resources are available to help you learn about these activities. Explore the Internet to find websites with articles about your hobby. Consider joining a club with a focus on your hobby. For example, bird-watching clubs are plentiful, and joining this type of club would enable you to chat with other bird-watchers. You can also learn about areas in your community where people have had bird-watching success. Investing in a bird book or two can also be worthwhile for a bird-watcher. A bird book has photographs of birds as well as information about where they live, what they eat, and their typical habits. Keep a journal of the birds you see and the dates you see them to keep track of your bird-watching activities.

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