Aquarium Decorations - Tips For Aquascaping Your Goldfish Tank

You're obviously planing to use wood, rocks and other decoration to add a natural look to your aquarium. Rocks, hardwoods, plants and decorations also provide hiding and spawning area for your goldfish. There is no greater joy than creating a pleasing arrangement of rocks, plants and other decorations. Your goldfish will appreciate a proper setup as well.

Designing the inside of your tank can take some time, but it's one of the most enjoyable aspects of the aquarium hobby. The aquarium is your little personal aquatic world that is just waiting to be shaped into an amazing underwater scene by your creativity. This is why you have to take your time when designing the aquarium of your dreams.

It's very important not to overcrowd your tank with decorations and plants. The more simple it is, the better.

Choosing Wood

Wood is perfect if you want to add a natural look to your goldfish tank. Your local fish stores sell branches, driftwood, and small hollow logs. Of course, these may be real wood that has been sealed or artificial pieces. Don't worry, in most cases artificial wood looks as good as the real wood.

To avoid problems with toxicity, do not be temped to collect wood from the wild. You can never know what you are collecting, beetles love dead wood.

The wood has already been washed before buying. To make sure there this is not dirty or full of dust, you can check it and remove fine roots or moss. Scrubbing it with a nailbrush will help dislodge any dirt and debris. After this, you may have to wet the wood to remove stubborn marks.

Put the wood in place and embed it into the substrate to ensure that it does not fall over. Make sure it doesn't disrupt access to the equipment. If it doesn't fit, try to break it carefully rather than cutting it with a saw.

Choosing Rocks

If you must use rocks from around your home, it is a good idea to boil them first. Land rocks are not as good as rocks taken from pools, ponds or streams because they may leach toxic compounds.

It may seem a simple task to find rocks for your goldfish tank. Unless you know what you are doing, "picking up rocks" can be a disaster for your goldfish. Keep in mind that rocks can change the water chemistry in your aquarium. If you want to build up a rocky structure in your aquarium, glue together cleaned and dry rocks with silicone sealant before adding the rock structure to the tank.

You can purchase several varieties of rocks including granite at your local aquarium store that are safe to put into any tank. These rocks are pre-cleaned and won’t crumble. Rocks and wood are best when purchased at aquarium supply stores.

When placing rocks, make sure you wriggle then down into the substrate. Remember to leave enough room for the equipment.

Other Decorations

If you're planning not to add rocks and wood in your goldfish aquarium, then you have some alternatives. The advantages of these types of tank decor are that they do not need any preparation, maybe a quick wash to remove any dust and they do not affect the water quality.

Mixing different products may look very unnatural. Also avoid buying cheap novelties as these may contain chemicals that will harm your goldfish. If you have kids, they will love the colorful cartoonlike ornaments. Your best bet for safe decorations is to purchase pieces from a reputable aquarium dealer or other retail store.

If you add an air-operated model like a diver, make sure your pump can power another item before you buy it. Tanks containing novelty items attract young children like a magnet.

If you are drawn to sunken galleons, divers, underwater cities or cartoon fish, make sure it will not hurt the fancy goldfish varieties you are keeping. Good examples are Black Moors, Bubble Eye and Celestial Eye goldfish.

Aquarium Backdrops

Many aquarists like to have an aquarium backdrop because this conceals tubes, filters, pumps, and other fixtures that are usually kept behind the tank. They are not an essential piece of equipment.

You can place this plastic or paper backing outside of the back wall of the aquarium. These backdrops come in a variety of colors, shades and scenes. Choose the one that you find most appealing and that fits the decor of your aquarium.

Where can I get some decorations?

Here's just a few websites from where you can purchase some decorations for your goldfish:

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